Hello, I am Tomás. I work as Customer Success Technical Architect (CSTA, read like “siesta”) at Confluent. As CSTA, I help companies to keep their data in motion using Confluent products and Apache Kafka.

Before Confluent, I worked as senior software engineer and team lead at Netcentric being the bridge between the business necessities and the development team. My main tasks included participating in business meetings to guide the client about how to take advantage of Adobe products, supporting the team to work better, and designing and implementing solutions.

Me in Swedish Lapony - 2018

Before joining Netcentric, I worked at Optare Solutions (Spain) as Senior Consultant in the telecom industry. As a consultant, I discussed the design and implementation of the solution between client and other providers and was the first contact in case of incidents.

Besides these companies, I also worked as software specialist at Motorola Devices (Brazil and USA), and intern at Capgemini Telecom & Media (France), CenPRA (Brazil) and Unicamp (Brazil).

In my spare time, I work on personal projects using and testing new technologies. I’m a computer engineer by Unicamp (Brazil), with 1.5 years of exchange in INSA Rennes (France) with a Brazilian scholarship.

This page is my personal page with no relation with my current company. All texts are offered here are provided with no warranty, please understand what you are doing before you do anything (that is a good advice for life too).